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Telecel launches Vitamina R for radical young adults

October 15, 1997

On 20 October 1997, TELECEL will launch a new pre-paid product targeted at people with ages between 15 – 24 years old, called Vitamina R. Building on the successful Vitamina T pre-paid product, Vitamina R is targeted at people between the ages of 15 – 24; the R is for Radical, a word associated with the lifestyle of this category. The offer is as follows:

A call from one Vitamina R Customer to another Vitamina R Customer receives a 25% discount from other mobile-to-other-TELECEL-mobile call (see pricing table below). These Customers can identify each other because the Vitamina R phone numbers all start with the digits 40.

The price to buy the service is 39,900 PTE plus 10 x 2,500 PTE deducted from the first 10 recharges.

The minimum recharge for the service is the same as for a Vitamina T: 7,500 PTE minimum every three months, but Telecel deducts the first 2,500 PTE automatically for the first 10 recharges.

The phone at time of launch will be a Nokia 3110.

The Vitamina R will be available through all sales channels.

The promotional campaign (using the press, radio, and TV as media) will begin on Monday, 20 October, as well.

TARIFFS (all figures in PTE)

Vitamina R
Vitamina R

Vitamina R
other Telecel

Vitamina R
outside Telecel














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