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Telecel – Tariff Change

February 1, 1998

Following the new pricing plan of the fixed network dated of 01 February 1998, the pricing for the national calls to the Telecel network was also adjusted and the charge of one pulse was applied to those communications.

The pulse duration is now of 9 seconds during weekends and national holidays; 8 seconds in business days from 13:00 to 14:00 and from 22:00 to 8:00 and 7 seconds during the remaining hours of the day.

Being the new price per pulse 8.5 PTE (without VAT), the adjustment in these communications represents the maintenance of the price of the first minute and a reduction between 10% to 14% in the following minutes.


Average Pricing







Price per


Price of the
first minute (variation)

Price of the
following minutes


days: 8:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00

8.5 sec.

81.45 Esc.

7,0 sec.

81,36 Esc.


72,86 Esc.


Business days:
13:00-14:00; 22:00-8:00

9.5 sec.

72.87 Esc.

8,0 sec.

72,25 Esc.


63,75 Esc.


Weekends and
national holidays

10.5 sec.

65.93 Esc.

9,0 sec.

65,17 Esc.


56,75 Esc.


Price per pulse

11.54 Esc.


8.50 Esc.


Prices without VAT


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