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Vodafone Summer Promotion offers free MMS

June 23, 2008

Lisbon, 23 June 2008 – Vodafone Portugal has just launched a Summer Promotion enabling Vodafone customers to send an unlimited number of MMS, while only paying for the first message each day. For 31 days (from 21 June to 21 July), Vodafone is tempting its customers to share their best experiences by sending free MMS containing text, photos or video.

The promotion covers all MMS sent in Portugal to the Vodafone network. There is no charge or subscription cost for benefiting from this promotion, which is being attributed automatically to all personal customers – with the exception of customers of Vodafone Direct, Vita 91 Extreme and Yorn Power Extravaganza.

This promotion is one of a range of initiatives that Vodafone has launched over the years to provide its customers with the most competitive offers in the Portuguese mobile market.


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